Tribal Transportation Program


The Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor, through a contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, has implemented the Roads and Transportation department.  Our main goal is to strive to provide the community with a well maintained and safe transportation system. To reach this goal we have set up a prioritized list of objectives;

  1. Refurbish and maintain safe and operable heavy equipment.

  2. Proper repair and maintenance of the storm water runoff system.

  3. Controlling roadway dust.

  4. Installing road identifying and safety signs.


The other project that we are focussing on is the safety of all transportation types. We believe to have a healthy Tribe we need to make sure we have a safe travelling environment. So we are going to focus on expanding our efforts to include walking trails, bicycle safety, ATV safety, and boater safety. We feel that these efforts will make for a safer and in turn happier Tribal community.