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The Old Harbor Tribal Youth Program will be starting activities with the children June 8th, 2015. Activities will be held at the Bingo Hall from 1:00 PM to 3:00 Pm unless stated otherwise. Calendars will be posted around town and mailed out to each family with children. Children under first grade must be accompanied by a parent. 


The Summer Pre-School Program will be starting up on June 15th, 2015. Applications are on the Pre-School Link.


Summer Camp Schedule

 Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor

2016 Camp Registration


2016 Summer Camp Schedule


Youth Summer Kick-Off Camp    May 31 – June 03

Each day (weather permitting) we will be hiking back to the Lake, Big Creek and kayaking. We will be starting at 10:00 each morning and ending at 3:00pm. Please have a packed lunch and extra clothes. If weather is too nasty we will be staying at the Bingo Hall doing gardening, arts and crafts, games, etc. This camp is for youth ages 5 through 14.


Boy’s Camping Trip    June 27 – June 30

During this summers boy’s camping trip we will be kayaking over to Sitkalidak Island and camp for three (3) nights. Boys will learn how to build a shelter, a shed as well as platforms for tents. We will also learn how to tie knots and prepare camp grounds for upcoming Nuniaq Camp. Youth ages 6 on up


Teen Survival Camp    July 06 – July 08

For this year’s Survival Camp, we will be kayaking to Mouse Island, staying there for two (2) nights. We will be taking daily kayaking and fishing trips, building a shelter, learning how to start fires, tying knots and cook in the wild. Kids will leave having gained skills to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Youth ages 14 and up.


Marine Science Environmental Camp    July 18 – July 22

From July 18th through July 22nd we will be hosting a week long Marine Science Environmental Camp. Grades Preschool and up are welcome to join in on our day to day marine science activities hosted by Switguard Duesterloh. Family dinners will be provided Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00pm during camp. So come and explore sea critters with us! Youth ages Preschool on up.


Nuniaq Camp    August 08 – August 12

This camp will engage youth in teaching and exposing them to Alutiiq traditional and cultural relevant activities that include fishing, hunting, crafts, carving, basket weaving, skin sewing, Alutiiq Dancing, traditional cooking and storytelling by elders. In addition to these activities resource personnel from related health agencies facilitate group discussion and behavioral programs designed to assist the youth in making correct and appropriate choices.  Emphasis is on traditional and cultural relevant activities with lessons geared to healthy mental and physical health.


Girl’s Camping Trip     August 15 – August 19

Girls camping trip to Kodiak. We will be camping out at one of the beaches. More information to come.  Youth ages 10 through 14



*Participants need to be aware that camp conditions are primitive, with limited facilities and access. Camps will be held rain or shine so please bring your rain gear. We are in BEAR COUNTRY. You won’t go hungry at camps: hiding food or candy in tents might encourage bears or other unwanted critters. All food for special diets need to be turned into the camp cook.


Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor

2016 Camp Registration Packet

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