Old Harbor Tribal Enrollment


  Enrollment is Open all year


Base Membership:

The base membership of the Old Harbor Tribe shall consist of all Alaska Natives whose names appeared on the base roll adopted by the Old Harbor Tribal Council at the passage of the Constitution. The Number of our base roll is 333.


Enrollment Eligibility:

Lineal descendants of the base roll,  Children of members (both biological and adopted native children), and Alaska Natives who reside in Old Harbor.




Applying for membership:


  • Complete an enrollment application.
  • Submit a family tree, original birth certificate, and CIB (certificate of Indian Blood) showing your Aleut blood Quantum.
  • Completed applications are reviewed by the enrollment clerk before going to the Tribal Council for approval.
  • Once approved you will get a Certificate and Wallet sized Card with your enrollment number.

    Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor Enrollment Application

    Dual Membership is Not Permitted


Completed applications and documentation can be mailed to:

Old Harbor Tribal Council
Attn: Enrollment Clerk: Judy Ashouwak
PO Box 62
Old Harbor, AK 99643




If you have any questions please contact:

Enrollment Clerk: Judy Ashouwak

Phone #: 907.286.2215 Fax #: 907.286.2350

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